Verdun lyrics - BD

Verdun, 10 months of hell, suffering, despair and more than 300,000 deaths. In the hell of the trenches, men write, describe, what they experience, what they feel, they confide in themselves and above all they hope. These letters are the only link they have with the outside world, with a past life that most of them will not find. Parole de Verdun is a collegial album, which brilliantly puts in image and color these letters that the historian Jean-Pierre GUENO published in 2006.

Designed like a goose game, each square is a story, each story a cry. Between absurdity, despair and cynicism, this work is intense, moving, unavoidable.

“Ten bloody months of fighting which will have cost 306,000 deaths on both sides. If we imagined these dead lying on the ground, shoulders to shoulders, it would take 183 kilometers to line them up. In their letters, in their notebooks, in their diaries written in the mud of the trenches, the soldiers of 1916 evoke in their own way the ordeal they endured. When they do not seek to reassure their family with innocuous words, like Jean Giono writing to his mother, when they do not censor themselves out of prudence, they use the mail as a therapy, a means to empty their bag of nightmares, to vent the horror and indignation accumulated in traumatic memories. Letters in which they express the full weight of their doubts, their lucidity, their clairvoyance ... "

A small atypical masterpiece

Extracts from the preface and engraved on the back cover, it is with these words of the historian Jean-Pierre GUENO what could be summed up in this adaptation of his original work, the game of the goose (Perrin edition). Conceived and directed by Jean Wacquet, this collective album brings together texts from poilus in Verdun, adapted by some 17 big names in comics.

This atypical albume is simply a little masterpiece that you absolutely must read for the beauty of the texts and for the sensitivity and intelligence of the designers who illustrated it. Words could not sum up what it felt to read this album, except perhaps those who close this exceptional work signed by the writer Pierre Mac Orlan in Verdun.

“Those who sleep in this bumpy ground were the humble. They did not use those big words that you place, as well as funeral wreaths here and there on their graves ... "

VERDUN'S WORDS (February 21-December 18, 1916)

Based on the original book by Jean-Pierre Guéno (Ed Perrin)

Editions du Soleil, co-published by France Info.

Legal Deposit - October 2007.

Design and Direction: Jean Wacquet

Coordination: Clothilde Vu

Cover: Mathieu Lauffray

Illustration of the Chapters: Thierry Martin

Cartoonists: Dominique Bertail, Christian Rossi, Nicolas Nemiri, Loïc Godart, Stéphane Levallois, Ange & Patty, François Boucq, Stéphane Hans & Gerald Parel, Pascal Rabaté, Ross Barron Storey, Christophe Chabouté, Frédéric Bézian, George Pratt, Emmanuel Moynot, Olivier Bramanti, David B., Alberto Varanda, Dominique Lidwine.

Video: Fields of Verdun History Version (January 2022).