The Third Testament: Julius T1 - BD

Seven years after the famous quadrilogy "The Third Testament", Alice and Dorison return to the genesis of this story by centering this new series on the character mentioned in the first trilogy under the name of Julius of Samaria and whose travel diaries are at the origin of the plot. The first volume of this second cycle, halfway between Quo Vadis and Ben-Hur, takes place during the rise of Christianity in the Roman world and the first persecutions ...


Julius Publius Vindex, Patrician, senator and general of the Roman Empire, returns triumphantly to the capital after having conquered Mauretania-Tingitane and put down the Jewish revolt in Alexandria in 66. Extremely popular with the Plebs, Julius fomented a coup in which he intends to designate Christians as guilty and thus eliminate their growing influence. For this, he chose a very mysterious Christian slave to wear the hat.

Julius's daughter Livia denounces her father's plot to the Emperor who arrests Julius and sends her to the Siddim Sulfur Mines in Judea, accompanied by this strange Christian slave.

Advocating the word of Christ, the Christian opposes Julius and violence in all its forms, awaiting the return of the son of God. But quickly he will have to make a choice, that of allowing the release of the slaves by force because they see in him a Messiah, that is to let Livia die, because redemption is found in death and resurrection.

But this Christian seems to have a completely different fate, the fate of a hidden brother, sacrificed for the Divine word. But he too is a Messiah, that of the direct word between God and men, that of the third testament, of the destruction of the world and of the advent of his kingdom.

Our opinion

We no longer need to introduce Xavier Dorison (screenwriter) and Alex Alice (designer), who already collaborated on the first cycle of the Third Testament (which is not necessary to read to discover this new cycle). Seven years after the final volume of the excellent Third Testament (John or the Raven Day), Dorison and Alice (co-writers on this new volume), served by the very convincing drawing of Robin Recht, resuscitates this very popular series of comic book lovers. Like all "resurrections", it takes some time to convince the unbelievers that we are and despite the script and graphic quality of this new volume, we remain a little dubious.

This could be explained by the fact that the first cycle of the Third Testament relies entirely on a complex and charismatic character (Conrad of Marburg) and that in this new cycle the characters are less endearing, and can sometimes be puzzling. This book 1 sets the scene and the intrigue of an esoteric fresco against a backdrop of history which nevertheless promises to be thrilling, and we are impatiently awaiting Volume II. It should be noted that this prequel can be read independently of the original series.

The Third Testament: Julius (Book 1)

Glénat Edition

Scenario: Alex Alice and Xavier Dorison

Drawings: Robin Recht

Colors: François Lapierre

Video: THE DAWN OF THE THIRD ERA Jesus Christ reveals The Third Testament Chapter 2 (November 2021).